Monday, December 28, 2009

Tokio to release a new single!

Johnny's pop group TOKIO have announced the release of a new single, called advance / Mata asa ga kuru, for February 3rd.

advance / Mata asa ga kuru, as with the group's latest singles, will be released in three different versions. Two of these will be limited editions, both featuring a DVD in addition to the CD. One will include the PV of advance and the other will include the video of Mata asa ga kuru.

The last edition, which is CD-only, will have two additional songs: CRY FOR THE MOON and Period. The instrumental counterparts of advance, Mata asa ga kuru and CRY FOR THE MOON will also be included in the disc.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Smap to attend a Softbank promotion event.

It's not unusual to see the five members of SMAP together, as they all appear on their weekly show "SMAPxSMAP." But when they got together yesterday at Akasaka Sacas in central Tokyo for a Softbank Mobile PR event, it was their first collective press conference since promoting a concert tour in 1999. And it was their first sponsor promotion event as a group in 20 years.

SMAP have been helping Softbank hock their phones and services in a series of commercials this year. And the latest television CM was filmed last month in New York, where member Katori Shingo was performing in the first ever original Japanese theatrical production to debut off-Broadway.

Nakamaru MVP of the Johnny's sport festival!

In several previous news+ articles we reported that the 'Johnny's Selected Members Large Sports Festival (ジャニーズ選抜大運動会)' had been held at Tokyo Dome. The various Johnny's members competed in baseball, soccer and in a relay race. They were divided into two teams; J-RED and J-WHITE. KAT-TUN member Nakamaru was part of J-WHITE and played superbly in all three sports. "I think I did a good job in soccer. The match lasted for a total of 20 minutes. My teammates made some great passes to me, and that helped me pull off a hat trick. I was surprised myself. Because of the amount of points I scored, I was chosen as the MVP. When I received the award I felt really happy." Along with his musical skills, he showed that he was equally talented in sports as well. But there was one problem. "After the event, my muscles started to hurt. It was more painful than in any other time of my life. As a result, I learned that I must regularly exercise. For that I should follow Ueda's example." The sports festival seemed to have been hard work! He should get a well deserved rest. His experience is bound to have a positive impact on his career as a KAT-TUN member.

Arashi top selling artist of 2009!

Oricon's year-end sales rankings for 2009 are out, and the results confirm that Arashi is the top selling artist of the year. They had the #1 single, the #1 album, the #1 music DVD, and were #1 for the first time in artist total sales.

In the 42 years of Oricon's history, no one else has topped all four categories in the same year.

Counting sales of singles, albums, music DVDs, and music Blu-ray Discs, Arashi grossed a total of more than 14.46 billion yen. At #2 this year was EXILE, who topped the list in 2008 with 19.58 billion yen in total sales.

In single sales, Arashi had the #1, #2, #3, and #5 releases, with "Believe / Kumori Nochi, Kaisei" in front at nearly 657,000 units sold. The only other artists to occupy the top three spots were Pink Lady in 1978 and Hikaru Genji in 1988.

Arashi are the first to have four of the top five, as well as the first to hold the top two spots in back-to-back years.

Their "All the BEST! 1999-2009" album sold over 1.43 million copies. In DVD sales, they were #1 and #2 with "5x10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009" (591,000) and "ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 in TOKYO" (428,000). More complete ranking lists are available on the Oricon website.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yamapi and Keiko dating?

After appearing together in the drama Buzzer Beat, Yamashita Tomohisa and Kitagawa Keiko's onscreen romance has blossomed into real life. Last month, Japanese magazine Josei Seven took photos of them holding hands in the rain. Afterwards, Yamashita clarified that it was only the angle of the shot, as they are only friends. However, this month's issue of the magazine once again caught them on a date earlier in the month.

On that day, the two were seen leaving Kitagawa's place. Afterwards they went for a meal together. It was evident in the photos that Kitagawa was holding onto Yamashita's arm. They seemed very comfortable with each other and looked like an actual couple on a date. Approximately two hours later the two left the restaurant. Reporters found out the pair had switched their jackets. Even if they are insistent that they're 'only friends', their actions seem to prove otherwise.

From last Months Josei

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BEST ARTIST 2009 Performers list!

Date: Dec 15th, 2009
Time: 7 PM (4 hours)
Station: NTV

The artist who will be appearing in the show are:






Every Little Thing



Kuwata Keisuke

Koda Kumi
koda kumi Pictures, Images and Photos

glay2009 Pictures, Images and Photos

Kobukuro 1 Pictures, Images and Photos



Nakashima Mika
mika nakashima Pictures, Images and Photos

news jpop Pictures, Images and Photos


Hamasaki Ayumi
Ayumi Hamasaki Pictures, Images and Photos

Hirai Ken


Porno Graffitti

yuzu jpop Pictures, Images and Photos

Remioromen Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LANDS releases Album!

LANDS (Jin Akanishi x Takeshi Kobayashi)

2000 yen
Release Date:

Description: Original album release from LANDS (Jin Akanichi x Takeshi Kobayashi) including previously released single "BANDAGE" and more for eight songs total.

First Press Details:
First press comes with 24-page booklet (subject to change)